Company Brief
Company Brief

Snail  Zhixing -- the founder of zero carbon travel

Jiangsu SnailZhixing Technology Co., Ltd. is a large new energy application enterprise located in Wuxi, China. It leads the world in the practical application and cross-border application of solar energy products. Relying on 100% independent intellectual property rights, the enterprise creatively applies new solar energy products to vehicles. The "Solar-Powered Scooter" launched in the first phase bringing together the wisdom of many domestic and foreign first-class experts in the field of new energy, such as MIT and HIT; Carry the new flag of zero carbon and lead the new direction of energy.

In the global energy shortage environment, the design and manufacture of Solar-Powered Scooters use pure solar energy charging, which greatly reduces energy conservation and emission reduction in travel, and reduces power costs in the travel field. The product is the first to turn the low carbon target in the field of short distance travel into a zero carbon target, which is expected to overturn the global personal travel market in the future and contribute to the global dual carbon target.

Jinweike -- the leader of photovoltaic application

Jiangsu Jinweike New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a large new energy enterprise located in Wuxi, China. Our company is a rare large new energy enterprise in China that integrates the research, development, production and sales of new photovoltaic solar energy products with the "new lightweight flexible modules" as the carrier.   

At present, our company has applied for a number of invention patents for many innovative products, and is leading the world in the practical application of flexible photovoltaic products and cross-border photovoltaic applications.